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Captivating, Mystical, Mysterious Kanchipuram

As followers of this blog would be interested in topics of Tamil culture, I am taking the luxury of introducing you to this....

Krishna, my husband, loves to spend his spare time improving his photography skills. Many of our travels are planned around photography opportunities, in fact we could say we attend many of our own self-directed photo-safaris! Travelling with such a passionate photographer puts a spin on tourism and adventuring out that even in typical tourist areas puts us 'off the beaten path.'

This year, one of our wonderful, mysterious, mystical trips landed us in Kanchipuram, town of one thousand temples in South India. Spending just over a day is not enough, we understand, but within this short time, my wonderful friends of course showered their love and care on us showing us the best hospitality in Kanchipuram, taking us to several temples and areas of sari weavers. Of one of the hundreds of photos taken, Krishna was moved to submit the below photo of Vaikuntha Perumal temple. This wonderful temple is a unique offering. Inside the prayer area (grabha graha), there is a place behind the gods where people can crawl around the back of the gods to circle the temple. I did not do this, though other women in saris ahead of us did prove their skill in sari wearing by crawling in that space. Krishna did it and mentioned was one of the most interesting temple experiences to date. Because I myself could not crawl behind, this temple of course leaves more mystical impressions on me.

In the photo below, my friend and I are walking through the open hallways of this rock-carved temple.

If you are moved by this photo, click the photo to go to the Outdoor Photograher page to vote. You will have to register and then vote by pressing on the number of stars you think it deserves. Do take time to look through and vote for the other photographs as well. Thanks for your time, interest and support.

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Celebrating India and America - 12 Months of 2010

Celebrating India and America - 12 Months of 2010

India America Interfaith and Social Calendar 2010

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Straddling two cultures can be difficult, especially when raising children abroad or being a member of a cross-cultural and interfaith marriage. For those looking for a way to inspire cross-cultural sharing, I have created a unique India-America Cross-Cultural Interfaith and Secular Calendar entirely in English with almost 100 special observances, holidays and holy-days!

This is a unique calendar, which has been years in the making. I have compiled calendars of different faiths and cultures together in this unique, easy to read and follow 12 month, grid-style calendar that is downloadable and accessible when not online! You can print it out, hang it on the wall. Share it with your children, your neighbors, your children's teachers to promote cross-cultural sharing.

I humbly ask when you download, review and utilize the calendar to please leave me reviews on this page or the purchase page. Critical feedback will help me improve this already unique product. I call this unique as I have not yet found one like it.

Featuring public holidays of India and America sprinkled with joyous celebrations of diverse, interfaith communities:

India and America Interfaith and Social Calendar 2010 Full Year - US and India Secular and Government
- Christian
- Protestant
- Catholic
- Jewish
- Moon Phases

Hindu Holidays with focus on -
- 'More secular holidays'
- Tamil Nadu Holidays
- Kerala Holidays
- Select others

- Select Jain Holidays
- Sikh Holidays
- Muslim/Islamic Holidays

Notes on selection of Hindu Holidays: The Kerala (Malayalam) and Tamil calendars are highlighted with pan-Hindu holidays (such as Holi and Diwali) and few other Hindu holidays of other south Indian cultures highlighted.

Note on dates: Because Hindu, Muslim and Jewish calendars are based on either sun or moon movements, some holidays may fall one day before or after stated day depending on what side of the world you are on. I have tried to note the dates for American calendars.

Download Free Sample Page- See how it looks! January 2010 Sample Page

Interfaith and Secular Calendar - India and America Holidays January 2010

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Holidays Featured in Alphabetical Order:
Find out "When is..... in 2010?" What are the calendar dates for....?
Celebration dates world wide for-

1. Agni Natchathiram starts (Hindu/Tamil)

2. Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu/Jain)

3. Al Hijra: Islamic New Year’s Day

4. April Fool's Day

5. Ash Wednesday

6. Ashura

7. Attukal Pongala - Trivandrum India

8. Avani Avittam (Hindu/Tamil) - Tamil Nadu, India

9. Baisakhi (Sikh)

10. Buddha Purnima

11. Children’s’ Day

12. Christmas Day

13. Christmas Eve

14. Columbus Day

15. Diwali

16. Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti

17. Earth Day

18. Easter

19. Eid al Adha

20. Father's day

21. First Day of Winter

22. Gandhi Jayanthi (Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi) – India

23. Ganesh Chathurthi

24. Good Friday

25. Groundhog's Day (US)

26. Guru Gobindsingh’s Birthday (Sikh)

27. Guru Nanak Jayanthi

28. Guru Ravidas’s Birthday (Sikh)

29. Halloween

30. Hanukkah

31. Holi (Hindu - North India)

32. Id-l-Fitr (Ramadan)

33. Id-l-Zuha (aka Bakrid)

34. Independence Day (USA) (India)

35. Karkidaka Vavu Bali - Kerala, India

36. Karthika Deepam (Trikarthika)

37. Kerala Day (Kerala Piravi) - Kerala, India

38. Krishna Jayanthi/ Janamasthami/ Gokulasthami – India

39. Kwanzaa (African American)

40. Labor Day (USA)

41. Lag B'Omer

42. Lailat al Bara'ah

43. Lailat al Miraj

44. Laylat al Kadr

45. Maha Shivarathri

46. Maharishi Valmiki's birthday

47. Mahaveer Jayanthi

48. Makara Sankranthi/ Bhogi (Hindu - Andhra Pradesh)

49. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

50. Maudy Thursday

51. May Day (India)

52. Meelad-un-Nabi

53. Memorial Day

54. Mother's Day

55. Muharram

56. Navarathri (Durgasthami, Saraswathi Puja, Vidhyarmbam, Ayudha Puja, Mahanavami, Dusshera, Vijayadashami)

57. New Year's Day

58. New Year's Eve

59. Onam (Onnam Onam, Thiruvaonam, Third Onam) - Kerala, India

60. Palm Sunday

61. Parsi New Year

62. Patriot Day (USA)

63. Pesach (Passover) First

64. Pongal (Bhogi, Thai/Surya, Mattu, Kaanum) (Hindu - Tamil)

65. President's Day

66. Prophet Muhammed's Birthday (Muslim)

67. Purim

68. Rakhi

69. Ramadan Begins

70. Ramanavami

71. Republic Day

72. Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

73. Sabarimala Makaravilakku/ Makara Jyoti (Hindu - Kerala)

74. Sabarimala Mandala Puja (Kerala)

75. Shavuot

76. Shemini Atzeret

77. Simchat Torah

78. Sivaji Jayanti (India - Maharashtra)

79. St. Patrick's Day

80. Start of Aadi Masam in Tamil Calendar - Tamil Nadu

81. Start of Ramayana Masam (Hindu-Kerala) - Kerala, India

82. Sukkot

83. Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti (Hindu)

84. Tamil Nadu Pirappu (India/Tamil Nadu) - Tamil Nadu, India

85. Tamil New Year's Day (Hindu/Tamil) - Tamil Nadu India

86. Thaipusam

87. Thanksgiving

88. Thissur Puram (Hindu/Kerala) - Thrissur District, Kerala

89. Tisha B'Av

90. Tu B'shevat

91. Ugadi - Telugu New Year

92. Valentine's Day

93. Varalakshmi Vratham - South India

94. Vasant Panchami (Hindu/North India)

95. Veteran's Day (US)

96. Vishu (Hindu/Kerala) - Kerala India

97. Waqf al Arafa – Hajj

98. Yom Ha'Atzmaut

99. Yom HaSho'ah

100. Yom Kippur

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Happy Multifaith Interfaith Holidays!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parthen Rasithen - Songs I Saw and Enjoyed!

This was a popular movie out when I lived in India between 1999-2001. My friend told me Parthen Rasithen in Tamil means "I saw and I enjoyed."

The actors in this movie are Prashanth, Laila and Simran.

Kaddai Kala- This song has a fast, almost folk-song like beat with some guitar tones! See the part around the three minute mark, the 'broom dance'. My friend told me they won some award for this dance. I quite like that move! The bridges you see in the sequence were newly built at that time, in India, called flyovers!

Parthen Rasithen - Hero Prashanth and heroine Laila fall in love by happening upon the same bus route everyday!

Yenakkena Yerkanave

Poove Punnagai Kattu

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Rajnikanth in Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali (Muthu)

No one can defy the laws of physics and gravity quite like Rajini!

Wouldn't you love to get on a horse like this? Cracks me up!

Just icing on the cake the song is a good one! :)

Other songs from Muthu